Well casing cleaning brush

Well casing cleaning brush

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Wire brushing and removal of this debris will allow chemistry to more easily move into the aquifer, require less chemistry, and reduce the length on the job site significantly. Use poly brushes for PVC casing casnig screen. Poly brushes can be used in steel pipe but will wear the brush. To find more about these cookies, see the Schlumberger General Website Privacy Statement. It is used to brush and clean the interior diameter (ID) of casing and remove scale, rust, mud residue, and any other particles of debris. The tool can be run by itself or as an well casing cleaning brush part of a complete wellbore cleaning and displacement system with circulation tools, scrapers, magnets, filters, and bit.The casing brush features a one-piece mandrel design without any internal connections.

The tensile and torque ratings of the tool are higher than those of the tool cawing. This allows the tool to be used in deepwater wells, deep wells, or deviated wells in which higher tensile and torque rating are clewning feature of the tool is its high allowable rotation speed. These robust cleaning systems are designed to meWell BrushThe Cotey Well Cleaning Brush is designed to agitate, surge casiing scrub simultaneously.

It features interchangeable brushes well casing cleaning brush clean from 4- through 1-inch ID casing. The brush can be used in all types of water well casing, can attach to cable or pipe, and grush self-cleaning. Two models are available - the J200 Well Cleaning Tool, made for 4- to -inch casing, and the J Well Cleaning Tool, for 8- to 1-inch casing. Cotey Chemical Corp.

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