English as a global language essay topics

English as a global language essay topics

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Minority Ethnic English English as a Global LanguageFor more than half a century, immigrants from the Indian subcontinent and the West Indies have added variety and diversity to the rich patchwork of accents and dialects spoken in the UK. British colonisers originally exported the language to all four corners of the globe and migration in the 1950s brought altered forms of English back to these shores. Since that time, especially in urban areas, speakers of Asian and Caribbean descent have blended their mother tongue speech patterns with existing local dialects producing wonderful new varieties of English, such as London Jamaican or Ezsay Asian English.

A living global language has a large number of speakers, a substantial fraction of non-native speakers and has an official status in several countries. A global language is used for example by international negotiations and so on. Global languages in this sense are the six official languages of the UN. This are Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. This six languages are very important for living in a modern world. It is being referred to as the global language as it is seen as a common means for interaction between different countries.

This new phenomena can be seen in a positive light because the use of English as a common language brings efficiency and greater understanding. Growth and development are not tolerant of differences and English becomes a wssay for international expansion. In South East Asia, topocs a result of English becoming a kind of global english as a global language essay topics, there is a large turn towards acquiring language skills not in any language but most specifically in English.

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