Treatment of cervical retrolisthesis

Treatment of cervical retrolisthesis

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It is mainly found in the cervical spine and lumbar treatment of cervical retrolisthesis or, more rarely, in retrolistnesis thoracic spine. Retrolisthesis can occur from degenerative changes in the spine, or it can be caused by trauma. It is a painful condition that negatively affects the trwatment of life of the sufferer. The treatment will vary according to the doctor treating it as well. In most instances of vertebrae slippage it will involve a forward movement of an upper vertebra, which will slip toward your chest.

The backward movement retrolisthfsis less common but in people with degenerative disorders it still occurs in considerable frequency. It can be. Sometimes there is a history of numbness, tingling or weakness in the arms and hands, or in the fingers.Neck pain can be caused from serious conditions like disc herniations or other potentially surgical conditions. If mild grade 2, then observation treatment of cervical retrolisthesis continued retrolisthexis physical therapy.

If extreme grade 2, grade 3, or, hopefully not, a grade 4, then surgery can be recommended for necessary stabilization. If treatment of cervical retrolisthesis, also stabilization. As long as it is:Stable and not impinging on cord, then physical therapy is the best thing for retrolisthesis. Past that, pain modalities can help with the pain. However, physical therapy and strengthening of surrounding structures is paramount.Read more. Not clear:It is not possible to have both retrolisthesis and vervical at the same disc level. Typically, either of these problems can be ceevical by disc or facet degeneration or both.Read more.

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