Interesting facts about martin luther king jr day

Interesting facts about martin luther king jr day

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He led non-violent protests to fight for the rights of all people including African Americans. He went to Booker T. Washington High School. He was so smart that he skipped two grades in high school. Explore 10 surprising facts about the civil rights leader and 194 Nobel Peace Prize winner. At the age of 35, Martin Luther King Jr. is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent resistance to racial prejudice in America.

Source: Straight from the A1. He was originally named Michael Luther King Jr. In the 1930s, Michael Sr. traveled to Germany and was inspired by Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther. Kennedy made a nationally televised address calling for interesting facts about martin luther king jr day drive for more civil rights. Kennedy met with civUpdatedJanuary 15, 201.Think you know the Rev. After all, you studied the civil rights movement in history class and have seen a documentary or two about racial segregation. While the information in films and textbooks about the civil rights movement is certainly helpful, it usually fails to paint a complete picture of the leaders involved.

Deepen your understanding of what King was like with this rundown of interesting facts about his life.

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