Flexural test lab report

Flexural test lab report

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Intertek has kept pace by providing crucial and timely exploration, production, quality, quantity inventory, compliance, certification, training, inspection and logistics support and expertise to an industry in radical transition. The purpose of the lab is to determine the Modulus of Elasticity, E, and the Shear Modulus, G for a given sample of wood. Using the Tinius Olson 5000 load frame, we will deflect two wood samples to collect load and deflection data. With this data the modulus of elasticity and shear modulus can be found using deflection equations.

Only one sample of wood will be tested flexural test lab report failure. Relevant TheoryDeflection in the beam for one point loading occurs at the mid-span of a beam, since this is the point at which the moment is greatest.Note that the span distance, L, in the diagram is the support-to-support distance. Objectives: 1. This mechanical testing method measures the behaviour of materials subjected to simple bending loads. Like tensile modulus, flexural modulus (stiffness) is calculated from the slope of the bending load vs.

deflection curve. Flexural testing involves the bending of a material, rather than pushing flexural test lab report pulling, to determine the relationship between bending stress and deflection. Flexural testing is commonly used on brittle materials such as ceramics, stone, masonry and glasses. It can also be used to examine the behaviour of materials which are intended to bend during their useful life, such as wire insulation and other elastomeric products The three point bending flexural test provides val.

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