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Christian writers blogspot hadfinally finished my Bachelors of Christian writers blogspot Degree and was ready to begin anewpromoting my writing career. I chistian the Kentucky Christian WritersConference in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. It writerss a drivable distance, and thedates made it a long weekend. The best part of all in christiann choosing was the Key Notespeaker, Sandra Aldrich. Sandra hasbeen one of my best friends christian writers blogspot nearly twenty years, mostly by email.

I firstmet her at a Focus on the Family Single Parent Conference many years ago whenmy kids were still kids. She was such an encourager and a down to earth woman,not some celebrity ego. I wrote to her later and sent her something I hadwritten, and she told me I should to submit it for publication. She is thefirst professional to take my writing seriously. I was very anxious to see herin person again. There wasone roEdie Melson has becomeknown as one of the go-to experts on Twitter, Facebook, and social media forwriters wanting to learn how to plug in. Her bestselling eBook on this subjectis Connections: Social Media andNetworking Techniques for Writers.

The result. Instruction from the master christian writers blogspot his blog. The two on deep POV are must-reads for every serious writer. Plans writerx going well and we have confirmed sixteen workshops with another six on the waiting list. We have also confirmed Rev. Dr. David Wilson as our opening speaker at the Friday night plenary session. Their acceptance letter was very gracious and encouraging. One thing I would recommend to other writers, however, is to include a secondary email address - not your primary, main stay, everyday use email address if you make a submission.

We step into typically hazardous territory every day. When we step into a new relationship, when we end something, when we begin again, when we start a new business, we hear the duelling banjos of fear and faith and life becomes typically hazardous. I sat back from the laptop with a satisfiedsigh. WriterProject Connections Are you looking for a critique-partner, co-author, beta reader, illustrator, or other christian writers blogspot for your current project. Or are you offering professional services to others.

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