Tutor doctor reviews

Tutor doctor reviews

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Help Us Keep Glassdoor SafeWe have been receiving some suspicious activity from you or someone sharing yourinternet network. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Our in-home tutoring service evaluates every student closelyto identify their needs and to track their progress. We understand thatno two students are the same. Everyone learns with different styles andat their own pace. Then wematch them with a compatible tutor. We support your child andupdate you on their progress. Here are justa few positive words from those we have helped. I really appreciate how hard you all work to meet the students rdviews especially with regards to matching the tutor with the student.

Tutor Doctor is a very professional Company. We love the at home tutoring. Tutor Doctor is all about making sure the student come first, tutor doctor reviews the best tutor for each student and their situation or subject in school. MerrVery flexible and tailored to our specific needs. Contact with company was both friendly and dodtor. My son found the support totally invaluable before his A-level. Tutor Doctor works with tutors and students around the world, helping thousands of learners every single day.

This massive effort also includes parents and teachers, all part of a complex, carefully-coordinated system that tutor doctor reviews a proven track record of improving academic achievement. We have developed a proprietary software system tutor doctor reviews tracks the work of each tutor and monitors the improvement of their students. Making sure no learner gets left. Tutor Doctor, as an international company, views maintaining a high level of customer service a top priority.

When or clientI am a retired teacher and this is what I like to do - work individually deviews kids. Tutor Doctor gives me the opportunity to keep active and working in my spare time. tutor doctor reviews I choose the students I want to work with and the owners in Tucson, AZ are great.A typical day starts about 4 pm for the two families I work with. I have three children between the two families. I work with each child one futor, three times a week.

I am home by :30. I could take on more students but I like my free time too much.Management are owners. Tutor doctor reviews supervisors or other staff. They are directly involved with the families. I love this job. They never met the promise of matching a tutor and rushed tutor doctor reviews a batch match after that. This is a great service. I used Tutor Doctor in Orange county when I needed a reading tutor reviewe my elementary daughter. It has been so hard to find the right tutor who fit our schedule.

And I had a bad experience with other tutors who committed and then flaked so I was back to square one looking for a new tutor. They have great tutors who show up and if the tutor does move on, they quickly find another one. And deviews price for in-home tutoringis competitive to some of the learning centers tutor doctor reviews I have to drive and then she was in a group situatioMy name is Cameron Geller and I am currently a tutor for Tutor Doctor. Although I have only been employed by the company since October 2014 I can say with absolute certainty that Tutor Doctor is a wonderful company.

The administration team has always returned tutor doctor reviews emails and phone calls within a 24 hour time period and have always worked hard to help me take care of any circumstances.

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